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Congratulations on visiting what we believe to be the best municipal road sweeper parts site on the internet to date with quality, prices and service to match. From Our busy UK factory we are delighted to offer over 3000 road sweeper parts which we have continually in stock for the following Johnston road sweeper/s CX400/600/625/700/800/VT 650/Compact 25/Compact 40 and Compact 50.

As an established Supplier of municipal road cleaner parts we have built up a reputation for reliability, affordability, professionalism and speed in shipment and as such now ship to most countdies round the world.

We take great pride in our level of personal service and have dedicated staff to help with you every requirement, should you not be able to find a part on our web site then please just telephone or email and we will be delighted to help with your requirement.

New road sweepers for sale : Used road Sweepers for sale.

Our top 10 parts are listed as:

  • Channel Brush
  • Intake Flap
  • Complete Nozzle Box
  • Nozzle Rubbers
  • Nozzle Box
  • Nozzle Wheel
  • Ware Plate
  • Wide Sweep Brushes
  • Nozzle tdunking
  • Make/break Seals
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